ChroMux solution allows operators to significantly reduce operating costs


Innotrans ChroMux provides cable operators with a powerful solution to deploy deep HFC node segmentation and fiber reclamation, which can be seamlessly converted to Fiber Deep or RFoG architectures without taking down the existing network. The ChroMux solution utilizes InnoTrans’ innovative Chromadigm full band transmitter with its patented chirp free and clipping mitigation technology to transport 32 wavelengths, 16 downstream and 16 upstream, on a single fiber. ChroMux integrated passives design provides drastically simplified installation, operation and reduced rack space.

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NEW: Teo Unified Communications

Teo and Capella Telecommunications Inc., Team Up to Provide Industry Best Unified Communications Solutions to Businesses in Canada


Teo UC is the only truly Unified Communications solution on the market today. Teo’s platform integrates core communications capabilities such as email, voicemail, voice-conferencing, desk phones, mobile phones, soft phones, IM, fax and call recording into one unified platform.
With Teo UC’s advanced mobile capabilities, today’s information workers can be as productive, if not more, working remotely as they are at their desks. The open standards based technology also integrates easily with existing infrastructures and is scalable and flexible to enable ease of management.

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TE30 Videoconferencing System

from Huawei

Huawei TE30 Videoconferencing System

The world’s first 3-in-1 endpoint - including Camera, Codec and Microphone - the solution is interoperable with standard endpoints and infrastructure. The TE30’s patented technology also provides exceptional voice and video quality while reducing bandwidth requirements.
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Industry’s first High Density Tunable DWDM transmitter

PBN’s wavelength-tunable AIMA3000 FT5X series transmitter utilizes advanced technology to allow multi-services operators to increase network capacity to satisfy an ever-growing subscriber demand for more high-definition programs and high-speed data services. The FT5X can be used for Fiber-to-the-Home applications, system segmentation, and medium haul with a high RF performance for up to 60km. The AIMA3000 Chassis accommodates up to 64 Transmitters in 4RU, providing significant savings on rack space and power. The FT5X Transmitter reduces sparing inventory to just one spare for all wavelengths!

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Capella est une compagnie privée canadienne qui fournit des équipements de haut de gamme aux télédiffuseurs et aux compagnies en télécommunications. Nous avons un inventaire de produits pour la voix, la vidéo et le transport de données; de même qu'un vaste choix d'outils et de quincaillerie de ligne. Notre obsession pour le service au client et la souplesse des solutions proposées ont fait de Capella un des leaders de l'industrie des communications.

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