InnoTrans’ Introduces ChroMux Full Band 16 Wavelength Node Segmentation Solution

San Jose, Calif., August 22, 2013 — InnoTrans Communications’ ( introduces its ChroMux 16 wavelength node segmentation suitable for deep HFC segmentation architectures

The ChroMux solution utilizes InnoTrans’ innovative Chromadigm full band transmitter with its patented chirp free and clipping mitigation technology to transport 32 wavelengths, 16 downstream and 16 upstream, on a single fiber in the 1550nm C band window. The ChroMux full band node segmentation solution provides operators with the ability to do node segmentation in both forward and reverse directions on one fiber. For passive systems, a sixteen wavelength full band of analog and digital signals can be transported up to 30 Km, while an all-digital QAM loading can be transported up to 50 km. Further reach can be obtained with optical regeneration using InnoTrans’ I-HUB field optical amplifiers (EDFAs).

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