Full turnkey solutions

Thor Fiber understands that as a customer you have a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing video equipment. Thor is a unique company that has combined multiple types of product categories with a knowledgeable team of engineers. Thor was founded by video & optical engineers with the goal of placing system design and consultation service as the primary focus of our sales approach. Every representative at Thor is an engineer first, ensuring that any equipment or solution is purchased with the utmost confidence. We finish this formula with a full 5 year warranty and lifetime remote support including a limited 30 day return policy of our equipment from date of purchase. We boast two primary divisions in Fiber and Broadcast; each correlating with the other to offer full turnkey solutions in audio video distribution of any size over any medium. While we specialize in design and implementation we ensure our products are of the highest quality as we have participated in and partnered with the most recognizable brands, governments, sports, private entities, casinos, hotels, hospitals, house of worship, and militaries from all over the globe.

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